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Raw Breakfast Ideas Using Sprouted Buckwheat

The following recipes use sprouted buckwheat. Buy white, raw, whole, buckwheat groats (not the black, even though they may say "for sprouting" as these are used for growing buckwheat lettuce). To sprout, soak in water for 2-4 hours, drain and rinse in colander. Leave colander on a plate and occasionally toss the top layer lightly to keep it moist (at least a few times a day). In 24 hours small sprouts should appear. If they are not visible by 36 hours, your buckwheat is dead.. try a different source. After 36 hrs, unused sprouts should be refrigerated or dehydrated.


1 c. soaked black mission figs & soak water
2 c. loosely packed pitted soft dates
3/4 c. sprouted buckwheat
1/4 c. raw carob powder (optional)
4 drops peppermint oil or sprigs of fresh peppermint (optional)
Milk to fill blender (must use Vita-Mix or Champ or recipe won't work)
Blend until very smoothe.. takes a couple of minutes. Serve immediately or chill breifly but don't store overnight or it will ferment.


8 ripe bananas
4 eggs
1 c. sprouted buckwheat
1/4 c. ground blonde flax seed (optional)
Process until smoothe. Top with fresh whipped cream (raw cream whipped with a little honey to taste).


3 c. mixed soaked/dried seeds & nuts
Grind well. Add slowly while grinding:
2 c. black mission figs
1 c. pitted soft dates
1 tsp Real Salt
As this mix starts to get sticky, add 1/2-1 c. carob or cocoa powder.
Process well. Add:
3/4 c. sprouted buckwheat
1/2 c. carob chips (optional)
Process. Pack into 9X13 pan very firmly.

The following recipes use sprouted, then DEHYDRATED buckwheat sprouts:


dehydrated buckwheat sprouts soaked/dried sunflower & pumpkin seeds (more sunflower than pumpkin, 6 to 1 is good) Chopped soaked/dried nuts shredded coconut raisins

For a sauce, mix equal parts honey and sesame, coconut or rice bran oil, or melted butter, add vanilla if available, 1 tsp. or so of soy sauce or miso or a little salt and cinnamon if you like and process in a food processor. 1/2 c. sauce would be plenty for a big batch of about 2 quarts. I like to serve mine with milk and sliced banana & bee pollen on top.


Sugar cookie base (these are good plain, too)

2 c. dehydrated sprouted buckwheat
2 c. mixed soaked dried seeds & nuts
1 tsp. Real salt
Process well. Add:
3 c. coconut
2 c. dates + extras
Process and continue to add additional dates until dough is sticky.
Press into 2 pans.. 1 9x13 and 1 7x9.

Frost with Chocolate-Mint Frosting

1 c. butter
1 c. honey
1/2 c. cocoa powder
12 drops peppermint oil
(can add raw egg if it's too stiff to spread easily)

Chill to set frosting and cut and serve. These keep pretty well.. several days at least. They're VERY yummy. Another version is to skip the frosting and form the cookies into rolls, chill a couple of hours and then slice thinly. We call these "sugar cookies."