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EM's Proven for Radiation Protection/Remediation

This is just so exciting, I had to share!! Japan is showing us how to heal! Or should I say that Nature is showing us how to heal! God is so amazingly good, in giving us answers before we have created problems beyond repair. Even the worst humanity has to offer has solutions in Nature. EM's, beneficial bacteria, TRANSMUTE toxins, completely rendering them harmless!!

Here's a quote from this amazing article:
In addition, there is a group of farmers in Fukushima Prefecture a little further from ground zero who have had their produce tested for radiation.  Again, the results are remarkable:
In the area of Date city of Fukushima prefecture, there are many farmers who have used EM well over 15 years. Mr. Makuta Takehiro has organized about 50 EM farmers under a supply chain management called “Agri-SCM”. The recent Tsunami and earthquake has forced approximately 10 farmers out of farming, leaving only 40 farmers in the group.
In order to prevent unfounded conjecture, Mr. Makuta took the harvested crops and vegetables of “Agri-SCM” farmers to Isotope Research for radiation measurement, all of which results showed “not-detected”. According to Mr. Makuta, some farm products from low contamination areas have shown high concentration above the allowable level when EM application has not been made. All EM applied farm products from Kohriyama and Fukushima cities have proved “not-detected” level of radiation, which seems to indicate that EM farming can solve radiation problems.

Also, for those looking for more info on EM's, this is an informative article.
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