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EM Rinse Hair Color


Look at what EM's have done for my hair!!

The photo on the left was taken in March of this year, when I started to notice a richer color in my hair as a result of using our Luv'n Life Soap and drinking polypore tea. I may have also used EM with polypore as a rinse at this time.. not sure exactly about the timing of that. Anyway, I've noticed a slow increase in color over the months, and then decided to try my Black Walnut Hull EM as a rinse... wow!! Not only did the color of my hair return almost to the color of my youth, but it's nearly as soft as it once was!! I want my dh to try it, but he thinks he's earned his silver and is not sure he wants to relinquish it. Note, the picture was taken after using the rinse 4 times over the course of 5 days, but the color pretty much changed with the first rinse.

Just for comparison's sake, I've looked into using henna as a natural hair dye and it imparts a much deeper red than this, unless it's combined with other herbs, in which case it goes darker. You have to mix the henna the night before using, than leave it on for several hours, taking extreme care not to stain skin, sink, floor, etc., and rinsing it out sounds like an ordeal. In contrast, I simply poured about ½ cup of my Black Walnut EM on my wet, just shampooed hair as a rinse, quickly rinsing it out... no mess, no fuss, no staining, no waiting... voila!! An added bonus is that this makes the best conditioner I've ever used!!

If you want to try this yourself (I'm not guaranteeing anything, this is extremely experimental!!, but please share your results if you do!!), I have instructions for the way I brew EM's here, and then I simply fill a bucket with black walnuts and either cover them with AEM (activated EM's), or brew the EM's on the black walnuts by adding molasses, EM starter and possibly some wheat bran, good salt and whatever other herbs/clays/minerals catch my fancy at the moment). A similar method could work with polypore mushrooms or any of the herbs that are typically used for dyes, and might work with kombucha as well as EM... experiment at your own risk, but please share!! (You might want to test possible brews with hair clippings first.)

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